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Welcome to my initial attempt at making a Webpage!


Don't leave! If I have my way this Website is gonna be sweet. I'm not sure what I'm gonna put in it yet, but I'm full of ideas.


Sorry. There is no porn on this site. And if there was, it wouldn't be very good. But by the time I'm done, you'll feel so close to me, it will seem like porn.


I know, I know. I've been gone forever. I didn't mean to. I wanted to talk to you, believe me. I've missed this site. But, hey, these things happen. If you really want to know what happened, send me an E-mail. I'll update every chance I get. A lots been going on in the exciting life of your favorite internet personality, and I'll let you in as soon as I can. For those of you new to the site, pay no attention to this ramble and start HAVING FUN!!(intentional capitalization)

I'm Back!! . . . kind of


As soon as I figure stuff out, I'll put it on my site. Who knows, maybe someday I'll have pictures, or sound. I might even be able to find the letter, um . . . you know, the letter that comes after p.

I had an empty spot on my homepage, so I'm filling it in with this. So how was your day? Well that's too bad. I ate a Monster Burger without anything to drink. That isn't pleasant, I tell you what. Okay, that's enough.

What's New?

When I put new stuff in, I'll tell you about it here. Maybe I'll put the date. Maybe I'll figure out a way to make a link. It'll probably look something like this:

6/27/00 - A commentary on governmental intervention in the economy as a whole and the adverse effects thereof.

6/28/00 - 7 things that rhyme with "Wookie"

9/18/00 - Learn my position on romance. And all that that implies. Eh? Eh? No, not really.

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